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chapter 20 vocabulary
Vocabulary part 7
vocabulary part 8
Vocabulary part 7
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animal definitions
From Flower To Fruit
endocrine glands
Plant Characteristics
nervous system
nervous system part 2
definitions on the cardiovascular system
Chapter HIGHLIGHTS Part 2
The Integumentaty System
How can DNA become damaged?
The Muscular System
quiz yourself
QUIZ part 2
Scientific method
Cell cycle
Cell Division
test your brain
answers to test your brain!
vocabulary chapter 23
science time line on cell division
life science
need help
Gregor Mendel
Mendels second experiment
Terms to learn
Chapter Highlights
Vocabulary part 5
Vocabulary part 7



  1. Ecology- the study of intersection between organisms and their environment
  2. Biotic- describes living factors in the environment
  3. Abiotic- describes nonliving factors in the environment
  4.  Population- a group of individuals of the same species that live together in the same area at the same time
  5. Community- all of the populations of different species that live and interact in an area
  6. Ecosystem- a community of organisms and their nonliving organisms
  7.  Biosphere- the part of the earth where life exists
  8. Herbivore- a consumer that eats plants
  9. Carnivore- a consumer that eats animals
  10.  Omnivore- a consumer that eats a variety of organisms
  11.  Scavenger- an animal that feeds on bodies of dead animals
  12.  Food chain- a diagram that represents how the energy in food molecules flow from one organism to another
  13.  Food web- a complex diagram representing the many energy pathways in a real ecosystem
  14.  Energy pyramid- a diagram shaped like a triangle that shows at each level of the food chain
  15. Habitat- the environment where an organisms live
  16.  Niche- organism way of life and its relationship with its abiotic and biotic environment
  17.  Charring capacity- the largest population that a given environment can support over a long period of time.
  18.  Prey- an organism that is eaten by another
  19.  Predator- an organism that eats other organisms
  20. Symbiosis- a close, long term association between two or more species
  21.  Mutualism- a symbiotic relationship in which both organisms benefit
  22.  Commensalisms- a symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected
  23.  Parasitism- a symbiotic association in which one organism benefits while the other is harmed

24. Coevolution- the long term changes that take place in two species because of their close interaction with one another





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